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About Us

Mission Statement

TheSpiceCabinet.com is a site dedicated to food and the thing that makes food great: spices and herbs. We not only strive to educate about them, but we work hard to find new and exciting recipes for you to try and explore.


Martha Johnson was working in her garden one day, when her neighbor, Fred, stopped by to talk to her. Fred was curious about the different things that Martha grew in her garden. After talking for hours, Fred was intrigued. He had never heard about some of the herbs and spices that she was growing. So, Martha invited him over to dinner. Fred was so impressed with her cooking, that he proposed to her that very night.

Years passed and Martha continued growing different herbs and spices in her garden. She also worked on new and exciting combinations in cooking. Many friends and family members were delighted with the wonderful and tasty meals that she would come up with. They would all remark how she needed to write all of them down and publish a cookbook. Not wanting to charge people to get her recipes, Martha came up with a better idea.

After writing down all of her knowledge of herbs and spices together with the recipes she had invented, she created this website. Now, anyone can try her recipes and even share their own.

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